Welcome to the NEW iamcooley.com (Business Website Updates)

Welcome to the NEW iamcooley.com!

This site redesign not only exhibits my illustrations portfolio – it now dedicates entire new sections to another one of my passions – PHOTOGRAPHY! Thus far, my favorite collection is landscapes, so before you go, please check it out.

Additional new features include:
About me;
– Products & services (coming soon);
– Commission information (coming soon);
– High quality print sales (coming soon); and
– Figaroo plush sales (coming soon).

Check back soon, when we have the Products & Services page up, we’ll be offering prints of my illustrations and photography. I’ll also open again for art commissions.

This redesign would not be possible without two very generous people:
Scott Alexander (fellow photographer); and
Kevin Deamandel (web technician).


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