Bladewind is a character I created over ten years ago as an extension of myself at the time: Independent and fierce, with an affinity for nature. Over time, Bladewind has come into her own as a uniquely recognizable character with a high fantasy back-story (i.e., headworld) that is in ongoing development.

Bladewind’s world consists of two (currently unnamed) continents. One continent lies to the north and is filled with a patchwork of deserts and craggy mountains; the unsettled regions on this continent are referred to as the “graves.” A narrow, but dangerous sea separates the northern continent from the southern continent. The southern continent features meadows and farmlands near settlements, but is otherwise covered in mysterious forests and snow-capped mountains referred to as the “wild-lands.”

Bladewind is a member of the Aurum (Latin for “gold”) – a mid-sized race of large avian/dinosaurian creatures known collectively as the Volucris (Latin for “bird, flying creature”). The Aurum have long cultivated a passion for knowledge as a means of power over others. They were the first to enslave another Volucris race – the Viridis (Latin for “green, verdant, blooming, fresh, young”) – who are the smallest among the Volucris subspecies. The Viridis led nomadic lives in the wild-lands  until the Aurum developed a stronghold on the coast and built a citadel on the backs of slaves to perpetuate slave trade with the largest of the Volucris races, the Spadix (Latin for “brown, chestnut, hazel”). The Spadix live across the sea with citadels of their own. The Spadix are bellicose and tough – they are the only Volucris to call the deserts of the northern continent their home. The last and probably the deadliest of the Volucris races are the Candor (Latin for “bright, brilliant, white, radiant”) who live beyond the treacherous mountains to the east of the Aurum citadel. These are a secretive and wintry race of Volucris that are – yet known to the Aurum – in opposition with them. The Candor also engage in slave trade, but not as a means of building bigger and larger cities, but to raise an army that may one day be used against the Aurum in a war of power over the resource-rich southern continent.

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