alaskan trees exhibit

If you visit the Alaska Public Lands Information Center (APLIC) in downtown Anchorage, Alaska, you will come across a forest of hand-drawn trees towering 14-19 feet tall. These are my Alaskan

Trees Collection, commissioned by APLIC when they re-modeled their museum to include a permanent exhibit featuring black spruce, western hemlock, quaking aspens, and Sitka spruce – which opened in 2021. I completed each tree in colored pencil, then shipped them out-of-state to a company that scanned and printed giant versions of the artwork on Scrim (lightweight woven fabrics used for stage effects). The scrims are hung around a life-sized cabin and moose in the exhibit so visitors can have an immersive experience in an Alaskan forest.

anchorage creek cleanup

The Anchorage Waterways Council hosts a local Creek Cleanup each summer to support healthy waterways for the community and the environment. I was commissioned to produce a poster used two years in a row to promote this annual event. The Anchorage Waterways Council auctioned a limited edition aluminum print at a fundraiser event in 2016.

Anchorage Creek Cleanup Poster

american fisheries society

The Alaska Chapter of the American Fisheries Society commissioned me to produce a conference poster for “Expanding Perspectives of Fisheries” – their 35th annual meeting hosted in Anchorage in 2008.

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