Prints – Terms and Conditions

Print Information   Print Order Form   Testimonials is dedicated to making every effort to ensure that only the best prints are shipped out to our customers and fans to enjoy. Prior to shipment, we will hand inspect each and every print for even the smallest of imperfections, and to ensure accurate color reproductions.  Please read our full terms and conditions below for more information about your potential purchase.

Special Requests

Please include any special requests you may have in the print order form, and we will address them to the best of our ability before the order is placed in the queue.


We are in a unique position to be able to fulfill orders for our customers both effectively and inexpensively. Orders will be charged exact shipping, rounded up to the nearest dollar (including local taxes). Please note:

  • Prints will be mailed out on the tenth of every month for the previous month’s orders.  All prints received up to the last day of any given month will be shipped out on the tenth of the following month.  In special cases, such as larger orders, we can make additional arrangements for EXPEDITED shipping.
  • Orders bound for all United States destinations will be sent AIRMAIL via USPS.
  • Orders bound for international and Canadian destinations will be sent AIRMAIL via Canada Post.
  • Upon customer request, special orders can be mailed to any destination via UPS; additional fees apply.

Aluminum Prints

Aluminum prints will be produced and shipped directly from the manufacturer, who will meet the same high-quality standards as we offer.  Due to the size and complexity of these prints, these items may be more expensive to ship, dependent on size.

Certificate of Authenticity

All prints will be accompanied by a signed Certificate of Authenticity. For aluminum prints, certificates will be mailed separately because these prints are shipped directly from a third party location (see Aluminum Prints section).


At this time, we do NOT offer framing on orders due to complexity and potential for damage.  However, we can make a few recommendations:

  • Illustrations: Consider a modern or antique thick brown frame that matches your décor.  Matting should either compliment the most prominent color in the illustration, or be straight black or white with a black core.
  • Photography:  A simple black frame, one inch wide, is ideal for prints 11″x14″ and smaller.  For prints 11″x14″ and larger, a two-inch wide frame is preferred.  Black frames will almost always match any décor, and do not go out of style.  Matting should be plain white with a white core.  However, a black core should be considered for black and white images.



At this time, we are only able to accept payment via PayPal (addressed to

  • For Clients with PayPal: This link provides a direct PayPal transfer to the Artist.
  • For Clients without PayPal: This link provides a direct PayPal transfer to the Artist, without needing to sign up for PayPal.

All values quoted anywhere on are USD currency. Please visit for accurate currency conversions.

Print Sizes

The below graphic is a general representation of the size of print.  All dimensions are in inches.  For metric measurement conversion, please click here.

Note: The sizing graph above may only be used with written permission and a one-time licensing fee.

These Terms and Conditions are subject to revision without notice. When placing an order, it is assumed the Client has agreed to all Terms and Conditions.