The Last of us

i am


My name is Ginger Cooley; I live in Alaska. My art features a variety of content, including high fantasy/character design, learning activities for children’s’ books, animals and landscapes. I love to learn and enjoy creating artwork that encourages inquiring minds.

As a child, I tackled all manner of arts and crafts, and am fortunate to have never outgrown the habit. I love to produce vibrant and detailed works that reflect my passion for learning and adventure. It is my wish to see more people retain the youthful spirit of creativity. Art is not only a wonderful catharsis, it is way of living and inspiring others.

My biggest sources of inspiration are Studio Ghibli’s animated films, meditation in nature, and the phenomena of Alaska’s extreme cycle of seasons.

Gardening, Sea Kayaking, White-water Kayaking, Tent Camping, Hiking, Down-hill Skiing, Hunting, Fishing, Music (Piano), Video Gaming, and Learning New Things!