Chum Salmon


These artworks are featured in Junior Ranger Books I designed for the National Park Service Alaska Public Lands and Information Center in downtown Anchorage. The books are free and available for all ages.

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Alaska provides anadromous waterways for five species of salmon. Each of these salmon are generally referred to by one of two names, listed below by size (smallest to largest):

  1. Humpy (Pink) Salmon
  2. Sockeye (Red) Salmon
  3. Chum (Dog) Salmon
  4. Coho (Silver) Salmon
  5. Chinook (King) Salmon

My art features salmon in their spawning colors. The fish transform upon their return from the ocean (salt water) to the streams of which they were born (fresh water) in order to spawn; the dramatic change in color helps the fish attract a mate.

Maximum Size 8×10 inch print
Minimum Size 5×7 inch print (Matted to 8×10)

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