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Our boxes exist in three dimensions. Height, Width, and Time. Please be advised that our boxes have no depth, so… we've ordered some new ones… Should be here in time to ship your stuff out in.

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The humble package takes many forms, most of them rectangular. This shipping option is great for those who loves boxes and/or right angles. Our packages are guaranteed to be made from nothing but the finest cardboard, and all come with a substantial quantity of free tape. This package will ship by ground due to its penchant for taking the scenic route, and its irrational fear of flying (even though air travel has been proven to be safer).

Shipping by ground may include train, car, truck, or bicycle and as such will take a little longer to get to you. You will, however, save some money, which might allow you to order another piece of art or an extra shot of espresso in your Monday morning beverage.

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Weight 2 kg

USA (48), USA (2), Canada, International


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