junior ranger books

This gallery features working files for four Junior Ranger Books I designed and illustrated for the Alaska Public Lands Information Center (APLIC). The first book – the Centennial Edition – possessed activities for all age groups; completion of which awarded a special edition Junior Ranger badge. The Centennial Edition and related badges were limited to circulation in 2016 only, and are thus no longer available.

The three remaining Junior Ranger Books are still in circulation. Each book is dedicated to different age groups, with an Alaskan animal “host” to guide participants through activities. The ages 3-6 book features Oli the Sea Otter, the ages 7-12 book features Calgary the Caribou, and the ages 13+ book features Emsley the Bald Eagle. Each animal host was deliberately given a gender-neutral name and appearance to appeal to kids of all backgrounds. The books sport many activities (e.g., coloring pages, mazes, drawing exercises, word searches, etc.) that teach children about the state of Alaska, its flora and fauna, cultural heritage, and conservation.

All books (except the Centennial Edition) are free for pick up from APLIC in downtown Anchorage (605 West 4th Avenue #105, Anchorage, AK 99501). Alternatively, interested parties can request books be mailed by calling the center at (907) 644-3680.

Alaska Fibonacci Animals


Check the local bookstore or for DragonWorld by IMPACT Books (ISBN10/13:144030873X/9781440308734). The book features artwork, inspiration, drawing tips, and profiles for 43 artists worldwide. My profile and two of my dragons are featured in the book: one full-page dragon is part of the book's introduction, and the other is a full-page paired with my artist profile opposite.