fantasy creations

This gallery features a selection of my fantasy artwork, some completed as commissions, others became tattoos, and still others were gifts of thanks to kind people.

Family Cabin
Pleasant Afternoon
Spring Dream
Alpha & Omega

original characters


Figaroo is a character I developed by “mistake” – classroom doodles that led to a small following on once upon a time. I played at a few comics with him, but never cultivated a true love for drawing comic strips. Thus, Figaroo remains my go-to doodle character and reflects my love of coffee!

Figaroo is not a cat, dog, person or pet…He and his are their own something that leaves room for imagination. His story begins with a business trip to Costa Rica on behalf of his employer E-Tea, a company that imports teas from around the world. However, Figaroo’s focus shifts when he tours a local coffee plantation and experiences a life-altering event – his first cup of coffee. How Figaroo remains employed by E-Tea thereafter is a mystery – when the office coffee supply runs out, the mischief begins….

Ginger, Noodle & Figaroo


Bladewind is a character I created as an extension of myself: Independent, with a love of learning and an affinity for nature. At times, I tinkered with ideas of feral and magical versions of Bladewind, but I eventually settled on a strong female figure whose curiosity governs her adventures.

Bladewind is a member of the Aurum – a mid-sized golden-feathered race among four large groups of avian/dinosaurian creatures known collectively as the Volucris. The Volucris are spread across two continents separated by a dangerous sea. The Aurum dominate the verdant southern continent and rule it well. The other members of the Volucris who share this southern continent include the emerald-feathered farmers known as the Viridis, and the secretive and dangerous race of of silver-feathered mountain-dwelling Aregenti. The arid northern continent is ruled by the seafaring and swarthy Aeris, who – depending on their trading alliances – could swing the ruling of the southern continent from the Aurum to the Aregenti….

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