fantasy creations

This gallery features a selection of my fantasy artwork, some commissioned by collectors, others are client tattoo designs, and still others were gifts of thanks to those who have shown kindness and support to me and my family.

Family Cabin
Pleasant Afternoon
Spring Dream
Alpha & Omega

original characters


Figaroo is not a cat, dog, person or pet; he's that kind of "something" for imagination to run with. What began as a classroom doodle in graduate school, Figaroo is now my go-to doodle character reflecting my love of coffee and tea, the fuel that got me through not one, but two graduate degrees!

Ginger, Noodle & Figaroo


Bladewind is a character I created as an extension of myself: Independent, with a love of learning and an affinity for nature. At times, I tinkered with ideas of feral and magical versions of Bladewind, but I eventually settled on a strong female figure whose curiosity governs her adventures.

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